Harp Lessons


Bruce, Kristen



Harps are tuned diatonically, like the white keys on a piano. Lever harps, also known as folk harps, use a small lever on each string to raise the pitch a half step, similar to the black keys on a piano. Lever harps come in a wide variety of sizes and are an affordable option for beginners and professionals alike.

Pedal harps use a pedal mechanism to alter the pitch of the strings, allowing each string’s pitch to be either flat, natural, or sharp. Most advanced harp solo, chamber, and orchestral repertoire are written for the pedal harp.

Suggested Harp Resources 

The Virginia Harp Center: https://www.vaharpcenter.com/
Harps available for purchase, rent, and rent-to-own

Lyon & Healy: https://www.lyonhealy.com/
Pedal and lever harps

Lyon & Healy Certified Pre-Owned Harps: http://www.lyonhealycpo.com/

Students are encouraged to consult with a harp teacher prior to purchase or rental of an instrument.

Private Lesson Tuition Rates

Class Length

Fall 2020 trial period (4 weekly lessons)

Fall 2020 tuition (16 weekly lessons)

Equivalent per lesson
30 minutes$160$640$40.00
45 minutes$200$800$50.00
60 minutes$240$960$60.00