Voice Lessons


Malamut, JulieReid, AliciaSuarez, Deborah
Muhlenkamp, KatieSchwecke, KristinTippette, Bruce
Purcell, Alicia


Private voice lessons - Acting Out

Part of the Acting Out program, this is a 14-week series of 30-minute private voice lessons, based on the student's level and experience.  Taught online by either Alicia Reid or Kristin Schwecke, these lessons will focus on vocal technique foundations as applied to musical theatre repertoire. 

Tuition is $504 per 14-week semester



Private Voice Lessons - Community Music

Private piano lessons are available:

Online with:

Alicia Purcell, Deborah Suarez, Katie Muhlenkamp, and Kristin Schwecke

In-Person with:

Alicia Purcell, Deborah Suarez, and Katie Muhlenkamp

Voice lessons are avaialble in 30, 45, and 60 minute lengths through Community Music with Jodi Burns, Kathryn Muhlenkamp, Julie Malamut, Alicia Purcell, Kristin Schwecke, and Deborah Suarez. Teachers focus on fundamentals of healthy singing and building repertoire as applied to a variety of styles including classical, musical theatre, and pop. CMS Students perform in a recital with live piano accompaniment at the conclusion of each semester.

Private Lesson Tuition Rates

Class Length

Fall 2020 trial period (4 weekly lessons)

Fall 2020 tuition (16 weekly lessons)

Equivalent per lesson
30 minutes$160$640$40.00
45 minutes$200$800$50.00
60 minutes$240$960$60.00